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55 Old Turnpike Road, Suite 211, Nanuet, NY 10954

Representative Matters

Obtained Court Order vacating award of assignment of lottery winnings, re-directing payment to original lottery winner (2023)

Sued Seller in real estate contract for breach of contract; obtained specific performance and forced sale of property prior to trial (2023)

Successfully defended breach of contract and fraud claims against re-seller of PPE items; all claims dismissed on motion to dismiss (2022)

Represented Purchaser of ambulette and non-emergency ambulance company in asset purchase (2022)

Reported Cases:

Onewest Bank, FSB, v. Richard Harrington, et al., 213 A.D.3d 682 (2d Dept. 2023) (Upheld lower court’s ruling in favor of intervening party vacating a judgment of foreclosure and sale and cancellation of Notice of Pendency)

Sklar v. Gestetner, 190 A.D.3d 750 (2d Dept. 2021) (Upheld dismissal of claim seeking to enforce a judgment against property held by a judgment debtor and non-judgment debtor spouse)

21st Mortgage Corporation v. Balliraj, 177 A.D.3d 687 (2d Dept 2019)(Affirmed dismissal of foreclosure claim based on accelerated mortgage debt)

U.S. Bank National Assoc. v. Dellarmo, 94 AD3d 746 (2d Dept. 2012) (Appellate Division dismissed foreclosure action reversing lower court)

Mulonet v. Exxonmobil Oil Corp., 81 AD3d (2d Dept. 2011) (held option to purchase and lease modification to be void pursuant to Statute of Frauds and Rule Against Perpetuities)

In Re Helseth, 73 AD3d 1053 [2d Dept 2010] (held that Orange County improperly sold property at tax sale)

In Re DiPasquale, 9-12-08 NYLJ “Decision of Interest” p29 col.1 (successfully contested will on behalf of decedent’s kin)

Salimi v. NY Methodist Hosp, Park Slope Anesthesiology PC Et. al, 45 AD3d 559 [2d Dept 2007 ] (upheld dismissal of claims against physician group for breach of contract and related employment claims)

Ingram v. Cunningham, 262 AD2d 454 [2d Dept 1999] (upheld denial of motion regarding whether gift of real property was valid)